TESCO’s U.S.-based fully-equipped manufacturing facility is capable of fabricating, assembling, wiring and testing all electrical and control systems equipment for water, wastewater, transportation, lighting and specialty projects. Tesco Controls, Inc. is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for most major water/wastewater and service equipment suppliers, which allows us to integrate and support the full complement of hardware and software deployed in your control system. TESCO provides value-added solutions and custom fabrication capabilities. If you can imagine it, we can manufacture it. TESCO’s engineering staff assists in developing the right equipment and enclosures for your unique applications.

In addition to integrating equipment from other manufacturers, Tesco Controls, Inc. has developed products to meet the unique needs of the industries we serve. Our service distribution panels have set the standard for many municipalities across the country. We also engineer and manufacture PLCs, VFDs, MCCs, instrumentation and enclosures.